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Number of charging stations
Volume consumed electricity
0 MW
Number of charging sessions
Average duration of the charging session
~NAN часа
The first Bulgarian charging station working in network and possessing CE certificate. IKEM Corp.'s original development - the first Bulgarian certified model working on the 3G network.
Charging station for slow charge - 8 hours at 16 A and 4 hours at 32 A. Simultaneous charging of 2 electric vehicles.
Visualization with 7 inch display - for communication with the client and advertising; optional it is possible to be delivered with 10, 12 or 15 inch display.


Bulcharge is a National platform for management, monitoring and control a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. This is a unique, fully Bulgarian payment system in charging of the EVs in national scale. Bulcharge allows rapid inclusion of an unlimited number and different type of charging columns in Bulgaria and ensure ease of operation. Each owner of the charging station can be incorporated into Bulcharge and become part of the electric mobility of Bulgaria.

Bulcharge is a network of new generation! Join Bulcharge - the smart charging network of Bulgaria!