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Card for charging in the network of Bulcharge

Bulcharge Card Front Bulcharge Card Back

Charging of electric vehicles is performed via pre-paid subscription cards "БУЛЧАРДЖ/BULCHARGE"  which perform the user's identification in the platform and initialize the start and stop processes. The cards are reusable and are offered with prepaid credit of 50 and 100 leva. The cards can be purchased and registered on the BULCHARGE platform as well as in the offices of the merchants (the operators of the specific charging columns according to their location) and the offices of IKEM AD and the affiliate network of BULCHARGE.
Each subsequent addition of credit on the cards is made in sums multiplied to 10 leva and can be done in two ways:

* Cash - When adding a credit in cash, through a special device called "Programmer" installed in the office of the merchant himself (the operator of the specific charging column)

*Non-cash - When adding credit through the system "E-pay" www.epay.bg(Valid for customers with registration in the system "E-pay")